lin is an industrial designer and craftswoman in Grand Marias, MN.

Through both product and furniture, her work explores the themes of purposeful functionality, playfulness, and art. Lin strives to create socially and environmentally conscious goods that help foster healthy, sustainable, and full lives.

Her work achieves these values by incorporating mental and physical health research. All pieces use ethically sourced natural materials and are made from scrap/remnant material whenever possible. Much of her work takes a modern twist on many traditional craft techniques. She hopes her pieces encourage people to reconnect to the childhood joy they've forgotten as adults.

She recently wrapped up a year-long fellowship at the STEAM Studio through the University of North Carolina Asheville. During her time there, she was able to explore teaching and developing a design identity through her work. Currently, she is taking deeper dive into craft and teaching as a part of the cohort of interns at North House Folk School.